S8P3 – The journey of Psalm 143: the remembrance

Psalm 143:5-6
I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done. I spread out my hands to you; I thirst for you like a parched land.

One recurring theme in the bible is that of reminding ourselves of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Here, David does just that when he thinks of what God has done for him in the past. He is meditating on God’s works, then extending his hands in acceptance of sustenance. His faith that God will deliver him from the current valley comes from his remembering how God has been faithful to keep him so far. As He remembers that goodness, he expects God to come through once again.

Jesus also spoke of the power of remembrance when He said that one of the roles of the Holy Spirit is to remind us of His very words [John 14:26]. One of the persons of God is actually charged with making sure that we continually think about the words of Jesus. This speaks volumes about how critical spiritual reminders are to our faith. We will face moments in which it seems all light has faded. In those moments, the enemy may try to tell us that God has forsaken us, that He has abandoned us to suffer alone. However, that is a lie. The way we defeat that lie is to recite the truth about God’s track record of faithfulness. Whether we hold fast to the truths of Jesus’ words or to the experiences that show us how God has triumphed in our lives, the spirit needs a reminder to cling to.

No matter how dark things look, we must continue to remind ourselves over and over of God’s goodness and faithfulness. As we do this, our focus consequently shifts from the trial to the victory. And as the spirit remembers the truth, doubt will subside. If the almighty God has charged His own Spirit with reminding us of spiritual truths, there must be value in that. Father, help us to be continually reminded of Your goodness and faithfulness in good times and bad, and to trust that You will will deliver us now as You have delivered us before.