S9P2 – A new way of life: the curtain call

Hebrews 10:20
by this new and living way which He initiated and opened for us through the veil [as in the Holy of Holies], that is, through His flesh

While the previous verse taught us that Christ’s blood cleansed us to enter into the holy dwelling place of God, this verse draws a parallel between the veil of this dwelling place and Christ’s flesh. Exodus 26 tells us that the curtain which divided the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place was the final threshold to cross before entering into the presence of God. That is where the high priest would enter once annually, after cleansing and robing, to atone for the sins of God’s people.

Christ’s blood provides us with the cleansing and robing that makes us worthy to enter God’s presence. While on earth as a man, it was through Jesus that people encountered the presence and power of God. Once his body broke on that cross, that curtain tore and opened the Most Holy Place for us. Access to God is now direct, though through the broken body of Christ. The high priest has pulled back the veil for us to join Him in the Father’s presence. We stand there through Him and with Him.

Jesus invites us to take hold of His hand and walk with Him into the Father’s holy dwelling place. He made this way for us gladly, enduring temporary suffering for His eternal glory and our eternal salvation. The way is narrow, but it is open. Father, thank you for sending Your Son to lead the way into Your presence, and remind us that it is a constant presence in which we can ever abide.