S9P3 – A new way of life: under Christ’s intercession

Hebrews 10:21
and since we have a great and wonderful Priest [Who rules] over the house of God

The latter chapters of Exodus give instruction on how priests were to be consecrated before approaching God on behalf of His people. Our consecrated priest is Jesus, pure and blameless as a man. Now, although He makes the way for us to approach the Father through Him, He also performs the priestly duty of approaching the Father on our behalf. As He sits at the right hand of the Father, Jesus intercedes for us. [Rom. 8:34]

There is only one mediator between God and man, and it is Jesus Christ. [1 Tim. 2:5] Two synonyms for mediator that bring depth to this verse are conciliator and peacemaker. Jesus reconciles us to the Father by becoming the mechanism by which our broken relationship is restored. In doing so, He bring us from a place of enmity with God to a place of friendship with God. And if that were not enough, as He sits in heaven today Jesus continues to intercede on our behalf in the Father’s presence.

Our new lives as Christians come with the spiritual support of God himself working on our behalf. Regardless of how we feel or what we sense, this intercession is continual. How glorious to picture God the Son pleading our case before God the Father, pouring himself out on behalf of us. Our priest is indeed great and wonderful! Father, thank you for listening to the prayers of your Son on behalf of the saints, and thank you for making that intercession possible.