S12P7 – The testing of faith: accepting the simplicity of God’s love for us

James 1:18
It was of His own will that He gave us birth [as His children] by the word of truth, so that we would be a kind of first fruits of His creatures [a prime example of what He created to be set apart to Himself—sanctified, made holy for His divine purposes].

When I came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, one of my first questions was what I expect is a common question of new believers. I couldn’t understand why God would want me. Of all the people more important and less messy than myself, why would God save me? This question is the result of us trying to reason through God’s decision to redeem the wretches when the wretches deserve no redemption. What we desire is an answer that is so great, so compelling, as to nullify the myriad reasons we justifiably should remain lost in despair.

God’s reasoning is not so complex. He simply desires to save us out of his love. James tells us that God gave us rebirth out of his will, and He does so to make an example out of us. Yes, God makes a good and holy example out of me, the wretch of all wretches. But no human reasoning can bring me to the point of accepting this truth without doubt, skepticism or guilt. It is only faith in God’s own spoken affirmation of love [John 3:16] that can dispel my wrong reasoning concerning the impetus for my salvation.

God has saved you because He loves you. He simply desires that you be saved. Accept that truth. Rejoice in that truth. Bask in that truth. Live in that truth. While I desire to know further the depths of God’s love and its every aspect, I will settle for simply accepting it until that day comes, without doubt or question. Father, teach us to simply accept your love, as great and undeserved as it is, with child-like faith that refrains from doubt and question, until we can fully understand all things.