S17P1 – When Jesus walked in: the old becomes new

Isaiah 65:17
For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former things [of life] will not be remembered or come to mind.

Today’s devotion is an introduction to our series on God’s promise to renew all things. Our story of redemption is a story of recreation. When man fell, there was a change, a degradation of what God had created. Since the fall, that degradation has continued. But God had a plan before the foundations of the earth were established. He had Jesus in mind from the beginning. Often we tend to focus on Jesus’s work on the cross only from the perspective of forgiveness. Yes, Jesus provides that. The bible, however, speaks of so much more that. One day, God will make all things new.

I praise God that He has given me a new spirit. I praise him that He continues to transform my heart and my mind. He promises that one day we will have glorified bodies; He promises a New Jerusalem in which God himself provides our light and in which there will never be night. The heavens will be new, and the earth will be new. Our current way of life will be remembered no more. No one will be standing in eternity before God missing the things they once cherished in this life. God’s plan of redemption is not merely a newness of mankind but a newness of everything.

Let us take a journey through scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to remind us of all the new things God promises will come. Let us rediscover these promises so that we remember what it is we hold dear and true. Let us take this time to renew our faith in anticipation of God’s fulfillment of all He has said. Father, reveal to us through this daily series the true magnitude of all You have waiting for us, the true greatness of your mercy, the true love You desire to lavish on us, as we await the renewal of all things.