S19P4 – The beatitudes: the thirsty will be quenched

Matt: 5:6
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

This verse speaks of the availability of the amazing for those who are truly seeking it. This reference to hunger and thirst is a reference to desperation. Physiologically speaking, hunger and thirst are the body’s indicators that it is lacking things that are necessary for survival. Although we sometimes eat and drink not out of need but out of want, we need to eat and drink. If we want our physical bodies to survive, we must fuel them with food and water. And as the body gives signals of physical hunger and thirst, the spirit gives signals of hunger and thirst as well.

There are three kinds of people in the world. The first kind ignores the spiritual signals of hunger and thirst. The second kind responds to these signals by seeking that which appears to satisfy but does not. The third kind seeks God’s righteousness, which does satisfy our spiritual needs. It is the third kind of person who receives the blessing of God, he who seeks to be satisfied by that which is Godly and holy. And the blessing received is satisfaction of that hunger and thirst. God is telling us that recognizing our need, our lack, is a blessing when it causes us to seek him for relief. To merely seek some kind of spiritual fulfillment is not sufficient; we must seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness to receive the blessing of true fulfillment.

When our spirits cry out to be filled, and we seek that which is Godly to fill us, our cups will surely overflow. What a blessing it is to have lack and seek of the one true God, for He will pour out over us unimaginable spiritual blessings of complete fulfillment. Father, thank You that You quench the thirsty and feed the hungry, that your Spirit has the power to fill every vessel to overflowing, and that You desire that we seek and find that which will fill us eternally.