S21P5 – Portraits of faith: Joseph

Gen. 41:38
So Pharaoh asked them, “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?”

This verse is sandwiched between two incredible bookends. This statement by Pharaoh comes after Joseph interpreted a dream for him. However, this was not Joseph’s interpretation. Before even hearing Pharaoh’s dream, he made sure to say that it was God who would give a favorable interpretation. Joseph did not desire to take the credit for what God would do, he willingly attributed his gift of interpretation to its proper source. And what did Joseph gain by exercising this faith and giving God the glory He was due?

What immediately follows this verse is Pharaoh making Joseph ruler over Egypt. In fact, Joseph was second in command only to Pharaoh himself. This is an illustration of the great favor that God can give us among the unsaved when we show our faith in him proudly before them. Joseph had two options here. He could have taken credit for God’s miraculous interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream and try to earn the favor of man. Instead, he gave God the credit and allowed God to assign his favor to him however He saw fit. Reading this story in its historical context, we can only come to the conclusion that God’s favor is what placed Joseph in this high office.

In our lives we may encounter many powerful and influential people who are able to give us those things which we cannot give ourselves. When faced with the option of chasing the favor of those people instead of the favor of God, it is only the faith that He gives us that makes us able to choose correctly. We cannot trade temporary favor for eternal reward. We must honor God and let him give us favor as He deems fit. Father, increase our faith before man so that we will honor You above all and before all, and pour your favor over us as we glorify You before the world.