S21P20 – Portraits of faith: Nathan

2 Samuel 7:17
Nathan reported to David all the words of this entire revelation.

Nathan was a prophet to the king. The message that he was charged by God to relay to King David was quite the encouragement. In fact, it foreshadowed the Messiah coming from the lineage of David. Who would pass up the chance to report such a good a message to the king, a message of deliverance and hope? Nathan’s work, however, was not all roses. At times, he was called to give King David a message of stiff rebuke about extremely sensitive matters. It is in those moments that Nathan’s faith was on powerful display.

After David’s relationship with Bathsheba, Nathan was charged by God to rebuke the king. He told a story of a rich man who took advantage of a poor man. David’s response was to call for the man to be put to death. When asked who the man is, Nathan had to tell David that he was the rich man. Nathan then delivered God’s words to David, reminding the king of all that God had given him and recounting his sin and its consequences. David’s response was to repent. Because of Nathan’s faith in God’s word and God’s ability to give him the confidence and power to confront the king on this matter, David’s relationship with God was restored.

The Lord may ask us to do or say something that puts us in a place of discomfort or pain in exchange for the chance that someone will be restored to him. We may not know what the outcome of that encounter will be, so we focus on the pain and discomfort we would rather avoid. But if we know that God is the one who is directing us and seeking our partnership with him in the matter, we must ask him for the faith to speak despite how it may affect us. Father, teach us to trust You for the courage and power to speak and act for You when You direct us, knowing that what matters is whether we obey your call.