S21P21 – Portraits of faith: Elijah

1 Kings 17:24
Then the woman said to Elijah, “Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord from your mouth is the truth.”

As we walk out our Christian lives, there will be indicators of our faith. Our love for one another as well as our love for all people are two such indicators. Sometimes our faith is seen by our humility or modesty. Maybe your faith is clearly evident by your honesty. In Elijah’s case, his faith in God and the proof to legitimize his office as a prophet came from an undisputed miracle. He had raised back to life the son of a poor widow. However, this was not the first miracle this widow had seen.

Earlier in this chapter, we read about Elijah speaking God’s word to this woman about food. She had only a handful of flour and a small amount of oil. She was gathering sticks to make what she thought would be the last meal she and her son would eat. Elijah gave her God’s word that if she used what she had to make bread for him first, then her flour and oil would not run out until the next rain. She did so, and the word of God came true. Interestingly, the great miracle of provision through food did not convince her that Elijah was the real deal. But when he raised her son from the dead, there was no disputing the truth.

Some people will be convinced of God’s greatness by the little things we do. For other people, it takes a lot more. We do not know which group any person falls into. That is why it is critical that we allow God to work in us in any miraculous way He desires. Perhaps there is someone who needs to see you perform a great miracle of God to turn and look in his direction. Are you open to walking in the confidence it takes to carry out a supernatural work for the sake of God? Father, give us the faith to allow you to move in the mightiest and most amazing ways through us, and gives us the confidence to do so without doubting or fighting against your will.