S21P30 – Portraits of faith: Job

Job 2:9
His wife said to him, “Are you still maintaining your integrity? Curse God and die!”

When we decide to dedicate our lives to the Lord, there are certain kinds of opposition that we expect. The world will be against us, and our spiritual enemies will be against us. Those are no surprise. What is more difficult to accept is the opposition that we encounter from our loved ones or from other believers. When those we love and spiritually trust put themselves against God or our desire to honor him, our faith is called to make a decision. Will we remain steadfast in the promise or direction of God, or will we bow to the pressure?

Today’s verse paints a picture of a man who has reached rock bottom. He has lost his family, his property, his money and his health. He has one person by his side, the person one would expect to love him most, and she takes the position of placing herself between Job and his faith. Her rebuke is a challenge, and Job must have felt abandoned and alone. But his response to her is a victory, standing firm on his faithfulness to accept from God whatever He allows. This is faith, the willingness to take a stand for God even if it means alienating the one person who is on your side.

Job’s faith in his conversation with his wife and his subsequent conversations with his three friends are the epitome of spiritual discomfort. At a time when he needed compassion and support, he received argument and doubt. We may find ourselves backed into similar corners, looking for comfort but receiving opposition. In those times, we must stand firm on the truths of God that we know. We cannot allow our faith in God and our beliefs about him to be influenced by others’ opinions when we already know God’s truth on the matter. Father, keep our minds in line with yours, increase our wisdom and knowledge, and give us a faith that is willing to stand for your truth no matter the opposition.