S22P2 – Strength, among other things, in numbers

Ecc. 4:12
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Yesterday, we read the words of God as He stated that companionship and fellowship for man are better than loneliness. There is no single reason why this is the case. In fact, the bible points to many advantages of banding together with another in life. Arguably, the battlefield is the place where companionship takes on its most critical and necessary role. We can see this clearly when the battlefield is physical in nature, but it also applies to the spiritual battles we face daily as we follow Jesus Christ. Today’s scripture illustrates the advantage of going into the thick of battle with others in tow. And just as in the case of the physical battlefield, there are tactical reasons why it is never better to fight alone.

First, strength is greater as the number of fighters increases. What was impossible for one person can be easy as pie for two or three. Second, the vision and perspective of one person is limited. He or she can see only so much. With more than one person, it is possible to be on the look-out for opposition from all sides. This keeps us more vigilant and prepared for the enemy’s attacks. Third, people need rest. While there are twenty-four hours to each day, no one can perform effectively for all those hours. A single person must not only rest but sleep, which leaves one totally vulnerable to attack. When we fight in numbers, however, we can make sure that someone is awake and alert at all times. This increases our effectiveness in not only our defense by also our offense. If we work together correctly, there will be no time when our guard is down, and someone will always be ready for the fight.

God gives us one another for power and protection. He gives us the privilege and responsibility of being able to fight alongside our brothers and sisters to overcome the enemy of our souls. What pleasure He must feel when we awaken to this reality and take on each other’s battles with fearlessness and love! He did not design us to struggle alone but to contend together as a unit standing for his purposes. Father, give us the desire to take up our swords and shields in defense of the brethren, and remind us that our fellow believers are there to support us in the same way, giving us the humility and the wisdom to seek the help of others when we enter into our battles for your name’s sake.