S24P15 – The work of the Spirit: Godspeak

2 Pet. 1:20‭-‬21
But understand this first of all, that no prophecy of scripture is a matter of or comes from one’s own interpretation, for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.

Mankind loves to create his own rules and hierarchies. Certain sects and denominations of Christianity have determined that there are some ceremonies and sacraments of which only certain individuals are qualified to participate. When we set these standards, we base them on our own man-made measuring rods. Perhaps the barrier to entry is a certain degree or certification. Perhaps it is a tenure of some length in a qualified position. Maybe one’s gender is the sole qualifier for participation. Whatever the case, we find ourselves setting these rules that God himself has not set. There are some practices for which scriptures give us guidelines, such as taking communion. When it comes to speaking a prophetic word from God, the only qualification is that it is the Holy Spirit himself who is actually speaking and not the person.

There are some things about God that will never cease to amaze and confound me. How does a God so great and powerful desire to work with us? How does He desire to work through us? How does He desire to speak through us? This is a God whose words are so powerful that they can cause things to be created or destroyed. The sheer power of his voice is too much for a person to withstand and survive. And yet He invites us to allow him to speak through us. His Holy Spirit causes his very words to roll off our tongues. And it is by no ability or authority of ours that this comes to pass. The qualification to speak God’s words comes from him and rests on our submission to allow his Holy Spirit to do the talking. It is not for me to determine whether I or you are qualified to speak the prophetic words of God. It is only for us to listen for these moments and pay heed to what we hear or say.

It is incredible enough that God would speak to me. What is more incredible is that God would use me to speak to others. Who am I that He would allow me to utter his Holy words? Who am I that He would let me be his mouthpiece and have his Holy Spirit perform such a miraculous work through me? The answer is that I am no one. We do not earn the right to have God’s Holy Spirit speak through us. We simply submit to how God desires to communicate with his creation. I am no more qualified than you to be the mouthpiece of God. Let us let God be concerned with who He qualifies to do this work, and let us simply allow his Spirit to move. Father, thank You that You speak your words through us, and help us yield to this work of yours.