S26P6 – Our future in Christ: defended

Luke 12:8
I say to you, whoever declares openly and confesses Me before men, the Son of Man also will declare openly and confess him before the angels of God.

Centuries ago in a small European village, a man was accused of a crime he did not commit. He was a poor man with no family and few acquaintances. He was the kind of man who easily went unnoticed in life. At his trial, he was in need of a witness to corroborate his story and show his innocence. At first, the only person to come forward was another man just as poor and unnoticeable with no reputation in the town. Although his testimony was consistent with that of the man on trial, the words of this witness carried virtually no weight in court. With his freedom hanging in the balance, and with no one else to testify on his behalf, an amazing thing occurred. The king’s son came forward and corroborated his story. It was the testimony of a witness with authority and reputation that solidified his defense and kept him free.

There will come a day when we will be on trial. Satan will provide every reason why God should condemn us for the terrible things we have done, said and thought in our lives here. He will try to prosecute a case against us so that we will be found guilty as he is guilty. He may even bring witnesses against us to testify concerning our sins. His goal is to lay a solid foundation to show that we are worthy of only eternal separation from God and destruction. We know, however, that his case will fall apart before him. This is because we have one with authority and reputation who will testify on our behalf. Jesus Christ himself will come to our defense before the Father and vouch for us. No matter what the enemy raises as our crime, Jesus will testify that He has covered it. We already have been absolved of these things. When the enemy tries to prove that we are not worthy of the kingdom of God, Jesus Christ will testify that we indeed are worthy through him.

When we arrive at the day of judgement before God, we have no reason to tremble or fear that our defense will be unsuccessful. God’s own perfect Son will stand before him and testify on our behalf. When Jesus purchased us, he also bore the punishment for our sins. He has justified us before the Father and made us worthy to enter God’s kingdom. When our accuser raises the case against us, Jesus will remind him that the punishment for our crimes has been satisfied. We will be free of every accusation and attempt at condemnation by the enemy. We will be found not guilty because guilt does not exist for those who are in Jesus Christ. Father, thank You that your Son has paid the price for our sins, and thank You that He will joyfully defend us on the day of judgement.