26P8 – Our future in Christ: satisfied

Matt. 5:6
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be [completely] satisfied.”

It has been reported that when he was asked how much money is enough, the supremely wealthy John D. Rockefeller replied, “just a little more.” Regardless of whether this quotation has been taken out of context, or whether the quotation is in fact accurate, it highlights a common problem with humankind. When we survey the kinds of sin we are capable of committing, we see that some of them stem from a place of perceived lack. Surely adultery and covetousness are rooted in the perception that one is missing out on something more or something better than what one currently has. We see this absence of satisfaction in our human lives daily as we are constantly prompted to purchase the next new generation of everything that exists. There is always something newer and better that we “need.” That is because satisfaction in temporary things will only be temporary.

For those of us who call Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, what awaits us in eternity is never-ending satisfaction. This may be difficult for us to imagine as we are used to being concerned satisfying our needs on a constant basis. These imperfect vessels of ours require food, water and rest. We also need shelter and money in this world. We live an existence in which merely existing is insufficient for survival. How many times during the course of a week do we begin are sentences with the words “I need?” Personally, I cannot wait until the day when all of these earthly needs are gone. I look forward to when simply being in the presence of God and worshiping him and having fellowship with him will provide every single one of our needs. In him we will find complete satisfaction for eternity. This will be an existence in which we will never have to think about what we lack because there will be no lack.

I know that many of us wish that we did not have to experience life in this imperfect world before experiencing life in the perfect world to come. But scripture tells us that this life is merely a vapor, and I cannot imagine that any dissatisfaction with life now will even be a thought once we have complete satisfaction in life then. And think of how glorious life can be even as we live through this shadow. This should give us great encouragement to hold steadfast to our faith and run the race obediently because so much greater glory awaits us. Our Father, in his grace, will allow us to live in complete satisfaction in him forever. Father, thank You that You give us the promise of a completely satisfying eternal life with You, and remind us of that promise when the things of this imperfect life try to distract us from the prize.