S42P7 – Confessions of Psalm 119: God proves He is near

Psalms 119:151-152

You are near, O Lord, and all Your commandments are truth.  Of old I have known from Your testimonies that You have founded them forever.

I really needed a job, and I knew that they were taking a chance on me, but it all worked out. My experience was not what they were looking for, and my education was very different from the people they normally see, but I was offered the job all the same. If I had walked in there off the street and applied for the position, I probably would not have gotten it. Luckily, I had a plan. I knew someone on the inside who could refer me for the position. This was someone who could vouch for my good qualities. He expressed his own faith in my being able to do the work, and they gave credence to his testimony. What mattered in that situation was not what they knew about me but how someone else spoke of me. It was that testimony that got me in the door.

God desires to draw near to all of his children. Part of his plan is that He testifies about himself. People who do not know God and have never had a relationship with him will hear this testimony or see his mighty works, and that will be what convinces them. Since ancient days He has been testifying about himself through his miraculous deeds. If we have questions about his faithfulness, his record testifies to that. If we have questions about his lovingkindness, his record testifies to that. If we have questions about his grace or his mercy, his record testifies to that. In fact, the Son of God himself walked the Earth as a testimony to who the Father is. God has been completely legitimized by his words and actions, and it is that testimony that will bring his existence to light for those who do not know him.

God has testified about himself in so many ways. A common doubt among people is that God is nowhere near us. He seems either very far away or simply uninterested in what goes on here. The truth is that God is very interested in us, and He is very near to us. He has provided his word as a testimony to this, and He has provided his Son as a testimony to this. He has walked with men on Earth, and He walks with us now. In fact, He lives inside those who believe in him. Regardless of our personal experiences, we cannot refute that God is near. The reason we know this is that we have his testimony as such. Father, thank You for always being by our side, and remind us of this fundamental truth even when it does not appear to be so.