S46P4 – A Father’s heart: old reliable

James 1:16-17

Do not be misled, my beloved brothers and sisters. Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of lights, in whom there is no variation or shadow cast by His turning.

She was not searching for anything that every other girl in the world has not sought for herself.  Early home life was a series of moves that would leave anyone’s head spinning.  Twelve years in nine different schools made her feel as if she had no real home or place where she belonged. Some years she spent with mom, and some years she spent with dad. Nothing in her life was consistent.  Not even her relationships with her parents gave her any security.  It seemed as if the only thing of which she could be sure was that life was ever-changing.  Then one day she found a friend who was constant in all things and trustworthy to love her unconditionally.  This friend was her Father in heaven.

There are some needs that we may assume are very common among children, yet we fail to realize how common they are among people of all ages.  Whether young or old, we all need to know that we can depend on those who we allow into our lives.  No one wants to be surrounded by people whose feelings, opinions and loyalties change with the winds.  While no one is perfect in this regard, there certainly are many degrees of constancy among people.  When it comes to God, there is no failing.  He is always loving and loyal and righteous.  He does not change as we do, and we can rely on him to be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  This is why we know that we can trust him.  Our Father in heaven is the most secure friend we will have and the most secure place we can be.

Whether we are talking about the gifts God gives us or the manner in which he treats us, we know that we can rely on him to be a certain way. When He promises in his word that He will never leave us or forsake us, we know that we can trust in that promise.  He is the perfect father because He provides every security a child could want.  There is no lack in him, so there is no lack in those who abide in him.  He is complete and ever satisfying.  We will never get to the point at which He begins to disappoint us.  In his perfection, we find everything that tells us that we can trust him without qualification.  Father, thank You for your unchanging nature and your complete faithfulness.