S64P2 – Just Psalms: according to God’s law

Psa. 37:29-31

The righteous shall inherit the land and dwell upon it forever. The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice. The law of his God is in his heart; his steps do not slip.

They had been great friends for many years, but a minor property dispute would threaten to end that good streak.  While they bickered back and forth over who was right, their wives quietly apologized to each other for their husbands’ behavior.  In their frustration, the men considered legal action as their resolution, but the women convinced them to take their dispute to the church.  Initially, the husbands thought that was the wrong venue for this kind of matter.  However, as they considered the character of their Church leadership, they relented.  The men determined that they had every reason to have confidence in the judgment of those leaders as lovers of God’s law. 

There is a connection between righteousness and justice.  The law does not save, and none are righteous by its standard, but those who are righteous through Christ love the law as it proclaims the character of God.  This love of the law, the recording of God’s precepts and statutes on one’s heart, brings wisdom that breeds justice.  Those whose hearts are inclined in this way live in the Spirit and live to please their heavenly Father.  What we can expect from their wisdom is the same brand of justice that we can expect from the Father.  That person’s steps are secure because they follow the path of righteousness.  This is someone who is committed to operate in God’s standard faithfully, and that is how justice is achieved.

Whether we can trust someone to treat others with God’s brand of justice, real and objective justice, will be evidenced by the fruit that person produces.  He or she will live a life that exhibits wisdom in decision-making and kindness toward others.  Not only will that person’s actions indicate a love for God’s precepts, but the words that person speaks also will exhibit what the law shows us of God’s character.  What we are looking for is someone in whom we see the Father clearly in deed and word.  That is the person through whom God’s justice will manifest.  Father, keep us walking in righteousness that we would increase in wisdom and remain faithful to treat all justly.