S68P2 – Through the belly of the fish: a job for one

Jon. 1:4

But the Lord hurled a powerful wind over the sea, causing a violent storm that threatened to break the ship apart.

He was one of the faithful who wanted to contribute to the Church, but his idea of contribution was limited.  He desired to serve in only certain ways; other types of service seemed to carry too much commitment or responsibility for him.  One such area was that of maintaining the finances of that small congregation.  He did not know this, but God was slowly leading him to a great role in that body by exposing him to each area he would need to learn along the way.  When the church’s treasurer and backup treasurer were no longer available, he was the only one who was technologically savvy enough to take the helm.  It took God making his appointment the only possibility in order for him to step up to the job God had set aside for him, a job which would be necessary for him to move on to that greater role.

I know people who believe that God’s will in a person’s life is only general and not specific.  They do not believe that God implements step-by-step plans for his people.  It is difficult for me to reconcile this belief with the many examples we see in scripture of God laying out a very specific plan for someone to complete.  Not only that, I have seen firsthand God orchestrate things in such a way that would lead me to a certain place at a certain time for his purposes.  Jonah is a clear example of God desiring that a specific person deliver his message to Nineveh. There was something to be developed in Jonah by this task.  We learn later in this account of the mindset that God wanted to change in his servant by having him see mercy granted to such an evil city, a mercy he did not think it deserved.

I see no reason to think that God works any differently today with respect to his calling certain people to complete specific tasks for him. We know that He works in each of us to develop that which we specifically need in order to grow in him and in the Church.  It seems that the important thing is to be open and available to God so that we do not frustrate his purposes.  We should not be surprised if He asks us to do a good work for him and does not relent until we complete it.  We do not know when God has a job ordained for a specific one for a specific purpose.  Father, make us open not only to your general will but to your specific will that we would want to complete whatever You have ordained for each one of us.