S69P6 – Truth at work: testifying for us

3 John 1:12

Demetrius has received a good testimony from everyone, and from the truth itself. We also add our testimony, and you know that our testimony is true.

He accepted the invitation to the roundtable debate simply because he wanted people to hear about the Lord.  Although the event began amicably, he quickly realized that it was him against the remainder of the panel.  Not only that, it seemed that he had little to no support among the audience.  They went back and forth on various social and moral issues, and he found no friends to agree with him.  As the night came to a close he felt like a failure.  In his mind, he lost (assuming that this had been a competition).  In reality, the Spirit of God was at work as he spoke the truth.  He may not have been able to prove himself to his satisfaction, but God’s truth itself would testify on his behalf and reveal all things to all people in time.

Sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves with regard to our evangelistic efforts.  We have confidence in the truth of God, and we want others to understand that truth as well.  Many times, however, those who we try to reach will reject God’s truth.  This can be especially disheartening if we find ourselves alone amongst a group of non-believers.  We want to leave these discussions feeling like we have shown that God’s truth is right, but we often will feel deflated at not being able to get through to anyone.  What we must remember is that, as we testify to the truth of God, his truth testifies about us.  One day, God will reveal to all that the truths of which we speak are right, and not one will be able to deny them.

God’s truth also testifies on our behalf to God himself.  As we speak his words in faith, his truth legitimizes the work we are doing.  For example, the wolf who tries to deceive the sheep with his own teachings may testify on his own behalf before the flock, but God’s truth does not testify on his behalf because he is not teaching it.  This testimony by the truth is not only for God to see but also for his children to discern.   That is how we know the false teacher from the real one.  The truth will testify to the teachings of the one who follows God.  Father, give us confidence to speak your truth in all circumstances knowing that those words themselves legitimize our work before You and show others that we follow that which is true.