S77P4 – The courage of the saints: a testimony

Acts 4:13

When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.

We were at bible study discussing how everyone’s week had gone, and the most surprising story came from one of the youngest people there. He told us about a boy in his class who would not stop bothering him. He never explained the specifics, but he went on to say that now this kid was a friend.  Since we had been asked to pray for that situation in the past, we all wanted to know how this change came about and how that prayer was answered.  He told us very plainly that the answer was simple.  In response to this persecution he turned to the boy and invited him to church because he desperately needed Jesus.  That invitation of courage in the face of ridicule diffused whatever anger or animosity there was and built a bridge between those two boys.

The saintly courage we exhibit in the world has the power to completely catch people off guard.  Peter and John were being questioned by the religious leaders of their day, and that encounter would have been nothing but uncomfortable and contentious.  They were being chastised and berated, but they did not bow to the perceived power of those leaders.  Instead, even though they were simple and uneducated men, they stood firm in a power unknown to those leaders.  Their courage was so awesome that those men had to take note.  What they noted was that Peter and John had spent time with Jesus, and that is where the testimony of our courage should point as well.

We have had brothers and sisters throughout history who have done incredibly brave things which can be attributed only to the courage God dispenses to the saints.  Some of these stories have endured generations and even centuries, and they still serve as a testimony for those who have not yet found faith in Jesus Christ.  These are courageous acts which are so great that people must stop and take notice.  The world might see it as crazy courage, but the saints should see it as just another day of God working through us.  Let us work to make these awesome testimonies our normal.  Father, give us opportunities to display incredible courage which can be credited only to the power of the Lord as a testimony for all to see.