S77P6 – The courage of the saints: founded in peace

John 16:33

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

No one would have thought that such a quiet young man would grow into an evangelist of that magnitude.  Before Christ, he was timid but not necessarily in a good way. This was the guy who never approached anyone to start a conversation and always waited for others to introduce themselves to him first.  He really was a turtle in his shell, and that timidity made him afraid of even the most basic social interactions. Then, he found Jesus one day.  All of a sudden he had a new-found confidence as well.  He went from not being able to speak in a room with two or three people to leading revivals in stadiums full of thousands.  The difference was him having peace with himself and in the midst of the crazy world around him.

We are able to exhibit good saintly courage because Jesus gives us the peace to defeat every worldly fear which tries to come against us and stifle his plans.  There is a reason why those who follow Christ can suffer even death for his cause without wavering.  Their courage in the most trying of times comes from the peace they feel while enduring those things, which are anything but peaceful.  That peaceful courage is what helps us to keep a steady hand and a clear mind when others are nervous with fear.  It is what allows us to exercise wisdom during those trying times instead of being impulsive and scatterbrained.  Ours is not courage full of fire and fury but one which is full of peace.  This is a level-headed bravery which we carry.

The courage we receive through the peace of Jesus Christ rests upon our knowing and confessing that He has overcome all the things in the world which should cause us fear and apprehension.  When we feel those emotions, we must consciously call on the peace of Christ to give us the courage to get through the storm.  If we know that the enemy’s plans are just a charade, and that the Lord has made a way for us to find peace in all circumstances, then we will have the courage to face all things. Father, remind us that fear is only an illusion, and that your Son offers the peace we need in every moment to face everything and everyone with good saintly courage.