S79P7 – Notes on gratitude: a prayer for revelation

Psa. 107:15

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!

She knew him as a generous man but also a quiet man.  Although he liked to help and to give, he shied away from being noticed for this. When her shelter sent a request for much needed toiletries and linens, simple things most of us take for granted, he stepped right up to the plate.  Not only did he meet the needs she expressed, but he went well beyond that.  He decided to donate not only what the shelter considered a need for its residents but also what he thought they might want to have.  Her gratitude was overflowing, and she thanked him repeatedly, but this time she asked others to thank him as well.  For her, his generosity was worthy of the appreciation of those it served even if they had not known him.

We can ask God to give us the revelation of why we should be grateful to him, and we can serve as a testimony to others, but we cannot forget an important ingredient here.  What we really want is for those who see and hear our testimonies to have the same revelation of God’s worthiness.  Beyond just experiencing it we also want them to really get it.  We want the multitudes to be joining us in our praise for one simple reason: God deserves it.  The same way we do not want our praises to be mere lip service, we also want the praises of others to come from a place of genuine appreciation.  We want everyone who has benefited from God’s goodness and holiness to realize that He is worthy of their praise and express it.

Pretty much what we are asking for is for all mankind to understand what we understand about the Father.  We might think this is a huge prayer, but no prayer is too big.  We are asking for only what God deserves.  This request is good and just because of who God is.  Asking him to give this revelation to every living soul is just a request that He give himself the glory which belongs to him.  Yes, there will come a day when every knee will bow and every tongue confess, but that day will be too late for some.  Let us seek God for this revelation to come to all mankind now.  Father, we ask that You impart to every living soul an understanding of the gratitude which You so greatly deserve.