S88P2 – In the Throne Room: holiness commands a confession of worship

Rev. 4:6-8

Before the throne there was a sea of glass, like crystal. And in the midst of the throne, and around the throne, were four living creatures full of eyes in front and in back. The first living creature was like a lion, the second living creature like a calf, the third living creature had a face like a man, and the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle. The four living creatures, each having six wings, were full of eyes around and within. And they do not rest day or night, saying: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!”

I still can picture it in my mind, and still can hear her words.  We were at a prayer and praise service at my friend’s church, and she used her turn at the mic to pray this passage.  She explained how these living creatures are covered in eyes, not just the measly pair of eyes we use.  They even have eyes within them.  She described each of those many eyes blinking at its own rate, lids opening and closing constantly, each time getting a new glimpse of God’s glory and holiness.  With every blink comes a new revelation of God, and every new revelation compels them to worship again and again.  They do not rest, and they do not do or say anything else.  They simply marvel at the awesome God before them, powerless to even consider anything but the glory they behold.

My friend repeated the creatures’ prayer of worship over and over just as they do, and something changed in the room.  These words ushered in an atmosphere of praise, and it was like I realized exactly how powerful and serious that prayer is.  This confession of worship is to be uttered only by those who believe in its truth because these words cannot be taken lightly.  To recognize and confess the unending and immeasurable holiness of God is to speak with power in the Spirit.  When we utter those words, the words of prayer which are worthy of being the eternal song of the throne room, we are participating in the mighty worship of those creatures.  When we confess those words we worship not like them but with them.  This is a simple yet impactful way to bring heaven to earth.

I am sure many of us have pictured ourselves entering the physical presence of God in the heavenlies and being struck dumb.  Perhaps we imagine that we would stammer and stutter without being able to form words.  Perhaps we imagine that the ideas behind those words would not even come to mind.  In reality, the presence of God in the heavenlies demands a response of worship.  If we love him and desire to please him, our love would manifest in natural praise.  This is not a physical response but a spiritual response, and it should mirror what we do here when we enter the presence of God.  Father, surround us with an atmosphere of praise and prayer like that which exists in your throne room so that we would continue to confess your holiness as You deserve, gaining new revelation with every glance of You.