S137P6 – Psalms of promise: the Lord will be worshipped

Psa. 86:8-10

There is none like you among the gods, O Lord, nor are there any works like yours.  All the nations you have made shall come and worship before you, O Lord, and shall glorify your name.  For you are great and do wondrous things; you alone are God.

The world certainly did its job in trying to make her feel shame and foolishness because of her faith.  Sometimes the attacks were subtle, but other times they were glaringly obvious.  In the beginning, she would take a personal offense to people questioning what she believed.  Then, she came up against something different.  The comments she had to withstand were not about her but directly about her Lord.  She realized that this whole time it was not about her at all.  She no longer felt bad for herself having to withstand these attacks, but she felt bad for the Lord.  He deserves honor and worship, not ridicule and disrespect, and she wanted to see everyone give him what He deserves. 

In my conversations with people who are not Christians, I can tolerate their judgment of me.  They can call me foolish, they can tell me that I am wrong, and they can laugh at me all they want.  It is one thing for them to come at me, but it is another thing for them to come at God the same way.  Yes, the world hates us because of him, but there is a difference between these two kinds attacks.  I cannot say that I deserve the world’s good treatment, but He certainly does.  Also, there will be such stern judgment for those who come against him, and that is a serious thing.  When someone blasphemes God before me or twists the scriptures in order to deceive, I want to remind them that they will have to answer to him for that, not to me; they owe me nothing.  I also want to remind them that they most certainly will bow to him in worship one day regardless of what they believe. 

The abuse that our Lord suffered on the cross did not end there.  The world continues to ridicule him today.  The world continues to persecute him now.  Jesus asked Paul not why he was persecuting the Christians but why he was persecuting him. [Acts 9:4-5] Our Lord certainly does not deserve this, and we will hurt when we see and hear this, but He will have his honor and worship.  He will not be shamed.  There will come a day when every attack and every blasphemous word will cease.  There will come a day when God is simply worshipped and honored as He deserves.  Father, we cannot wait until the day when every knee bows, every tongue confesses, and every nation worships You as the only true God.