S183P3 – A life of light: the well-lit path

Psa. 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

The plan was to reach the top of the trail before sunset so that we would have enough daylight to set up camp, eat, and enjoy the view.  Once we were settled in, the sun began to set.  We noticed a trio of hikers who were pretty casually dressed for the trek, and they seemed lost.  They had planned to hike up to the peak and back down but had not provided enough time to do so in the daylight.  We pulled out a map to show them the way back to their car, but there was a problem.  The sun had set, and they could not see the map or the trail.  They had planned to complete their hike during the day and had brought no light.   It fell to us not only to lay out the path for them to travel but to give them what they needed to illuminate it.

When we make the decision to follow Christ, we certainly want to know where that path is.   There is a wide way occupied by many and leading to destruction, and there is a narrow way occupied by few and leading to life.   It is important for us to get the path right, so the expectation is that God would make it clear for us.  We pray and ask him for revelation or knowledge or wisdom.  We ask him to speak to us through others who can confirm what we might be thinking to do.  This is all great, but we cannot forget that the light to our path is the word of God.  The living, breathing scriptures can show us where to go and do so clearly.  We only need to take the time to let the Holy Spirit reveal to us the guidance in God’s word.

It is easy to get lost when the path you follow is clearly marked but not well-lit.   It is no different when you walk by daylight on the path not well-marked.  In his faithfulness, God lays out the path that we are to follow, and He also provides the light to see it.  The Holy Spirit reveals the truth of the scriptures to us; He is our guide.  When we feel like we cannot find our way, perhaps we should open God’s word and read it.  When the next step is unclear or seems hidden, maybe we should consult the scriptures.  The light of God’s word will be sufficient to direct us.  Father, remind us to go to your word for the revelation we need when we cannot discern the way.