S191P16 – Ecclesiastical truths: a life lived well

Ecc. 12:6-7

Earnestly remember your Creator before the silver cord is broken, or the golden bowl is crushed, or the pitcher at the fountain is shattered and the wheel at the cistern is crushed; then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.

Many shared the opinion that she lived well.  She was one of those people who seemed to treasure this gift we call life and take advantage of every opportunity to explore and enjoy it.  For her, the silver cord and golden bowl never lost their luster, and no adventure ever passed her by.  Whenever someone asked if she would like to go along for the ride, she accepted the invitation.  She truly wanted to savor each moment, and it did not go unnoticed; her problem was not a lack of appreciation for life.  Where she faltered was in failing to appreciate the One who gave it to her.  While those who knew her thought that she lived life well, the truth of the matter was that she never considered life’s source.  In ignoring the giver, the gift became her idol.

I think we can all agree that the Christian perspective is to view life as the precious gift that it is.  Of course God wants us to appreciate every moment that He gives us here.  Of course He wants us to have joy in this short time.  Of course He wants us to be adventurous.  However, we cannot live life correctly if we fail to recognize its source.  The obvious reason why this is so is that our lives here are only finite.  They are merely the beginning of an eternal life available to us through God, which is an infinitely more precious gift.  The whole point of our time here is that we come to recognize the greater gift and accept it.  If our focus and attention are only on this temporary life, and we fail to move past the fleeting joys we experience here, we have wasted the greatest opportunity that God could give us.

Living this life naturally should prompt us to ask questions in an effort to understand how we started and why we are here.  If we follow this line of questioning with sincere hearts, God will reveal the truth that ultimately leads us to him.  If we truly value these lives, we should desire to make the exploration that ends up at the foot of his throne.  The spoiled child snatches the gift from the hands of the giver and runs away to enjoy it without even a sign of appreciation.  We do not want to be spoiled children who grab our lives and live them as we wish without pursuing the Father to thank him.  Our time here is short, and we do not have forever to find him.  Father, we ask that You reveal yourself and your plan in a mighty way so that the thirst for life would lead the unsaved people we love to the foot of your throne.