S192P7 – A people’s lament: persistent sorrow

Lam. 3:48‭-‬50

My eyes overflow with rivers of water for the destruction of the daughter of my people.  My eyes flow and do not cease, without interruption, until the Lord from heaven looks down and sees.

She was not in an uncommon position for many, but it certainly was unusual for her.  One thing began to fail after another but not for lack of trying.  It took some time, but she eventually realized that effort was not the issue.  She was plugging away as she always had, singularly focused with her nose to the grindstone.  Her work was good, but she was getting nowhere fast.  Her problem was that she had strayed, and her sin had brought negative consequences to her life.  So she wept, and she cried out, and she pleaded with the Lord.  Nothing changed, but she persisted.  She resolved not to make her own way again or try to fix things on her own but to call on God until He answered her. 

Jeremiah was in a powerless position, or so it seemed.  He had ringside seats to the judgment of his people, and he could provide no relief for them or for himself.  He had repented on behalf of Judah, taking the sin of his people on his shoulders, but God would not relent.  He had to act with justice, and their judgment was just.  Jeremiah watched this process unfold, and he knew it had to happen, but that did not stop him from seeking God for relief.  He knew that God had removed his hand of protection and provision, and Jeremiah wanted that hand returned.  Punishment was necessary, but that did not keep Jeremiah from calling on God until He was heard. 

God wants us to chase him.  When we are in need, we should chase him.  When we have abundance, we should chase him.  When we are greatly blessed, we should chase him.  We we are being chastened, we should chase him.  In all circumstances, all stages of life, we are to persue God with persistence.  When He seems far, we should desire to have him closer.  When his presence is potent, we should desire to have him still closer.  Jeremiah knew to draw close to the Lord at all times, good or bad, and expect God to respond.  Father, teach us to chase You persistently, because we know that You will see us and hear us and answer our call.