S214P6 – The cry in faith: a place of vulnerability

Psa. 22:16-18

Dogs surround me, a pack of villains encircles me; they pierce my hands and my feet. All my bones are on display; people stare and gloat over me. They divide my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment.

She loved her father, but he could be a difficult man.  Perhaps he only wanted to encourage her and give her confidence, but his lack of response in her times of need had a different effect.  Asking for his help usually resulted in his telling her that she could find a way to figure it out.  Whether it was schoolwork, personal relationships, or the questions we all have about life and our existence, he always directed her right back to herself.  She did not always have the answer, and she could not always solve the problem, but she learned not to seek help from others.  Dad expected her to be smarter and stronger than that, so she thought others would expect that as well.  Over time, she was conditioned to thinking that those who seek help are either weak or ignorant, and these were not sides of herself she was willing to show anyone.

David paints a rather graphic picture here.  The dogs have surrounded him and are ready to attack.  He is physically laid open for all to see.  Even his possessions are at stake.  He is honest about how this moment has exposed his inability to save himself.  This is not the cry of a tough, strong warrior who just happened to meet his match.  He does not portray himself as one who is going down swinging.  David understands how he measures up to this challenge, and he is vulnerable enough with God to confess it.  Of course, God knows this already.  The point is not to inform God of what He already knows.  This confession is about the confessor.  David has to leave all pretense aside and cry out to God as one who is crying out because he is completely vulnerable to the attacks that have come upon him.  If he relies on himself, those surely will lead to his demise.

I wonder how many times we go to God for help while still trying to keep a stiff upper lip and our chins high in the air.  We always should approach God from a place of confidence, but that confidence lies in him.  God knows all and sees all, and not one ounce of our inadequacy is hidden from him.  He knows our limits and our shortcomings.  There is no reason to have any pretenses when we approach him for the help we need that only He can provide.  Confess your weakness; confess your pain.  You do not have to look tough for him.  You are not the well from which you draw your strength.  Father, bring down our walls so that we would learn to be vulnerable with You and to pray from that place of vulnerability.