S214P10 – The cry in faith: submission to God’s sovereignty

Psa. 22:27-28

All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.

When he first arrived at that office, he addressed everyone formally.  Eventually, his colleagues and bosses would tell him to drop the Mr. or the Ms. and address them by their first names.  Things were comfortable and informal, but he misunderstood how far he could take that.  Over time, he started to see some people as his equals even though he knew he was subordinate to them.  Before long, boundaries were crossed.  He confused formality and respect.  He joked a little too much, barged into a few too many offices, and offered his unsolicited criticism a few too many times.  He forgot his place in that office, and he had to be reminded that he was by no means the master of that domain.

This is one thing I really love about the recorded prayers of David.  Regardless of the reason for his prayer, he never seems to forget who he is addressing.  The words and tone of his prayers show a reverence for God and his sovereignty.  David might be a friend of God’s, but he does not approach these requests as he would approach a human friend.  He makes no demands out of any kind of entitlement.  He addresses the Lord with honor.  For him, prayer and praise seem undivided.  His words show that he is submitted to the sovereignty of God.  He needs help, but he submits to that help coming in God’s timing and in God’s way.  He recognizes that God is over all, and he approaches in the way that God’s majesty merits. 

It can be easy to forget we are talking to the most high God when we pray out of the depths of a desperate soul.  Informality in our posture of prayer can lead to a lack of respect in the words we use to appeal to God.  He is to be revered regardless of our circumstances.  He is sovereign regardless of how our prayers are answered.  If we are going to approach him in prayer, then that means we submit to this sovereignty.  When we pray, we also should be praising.  When we ask, we also should be honoring.  Let our words and our tone show that we have submitted to the sovereignty of God.  Father, forgive us for the times when we have approached You without reverence, and teach us to come only in submission to your sovereignty.